When the Drama Llama Meets the Karma Bus – Please Let there be a “Double Tap!”


Short and sweet – I’m still getting some pretty bad personal bashing on B&N from an estranged former family member and they have yet to remove the posts or even answer my e-mails. Life goes on right? Well I’m done waiting for them to put a stop to this and if I can’t get them to stop it, I have to jump in and at least try to derail it – right?

After seeing tonight’s latest ridiculous “non-review” aka personal attack, I finally decided to step into the ring and put up a review of my own. Just to set the record straight, I’m a big girl and if anyone doesn’t like my book, I’m fine with it. As I told one person who really spanked my book’s butt on Goodreads, “I learned long ago that it is our expectations that truly let us down, not other people or their opinions. As I said, as a writer we know all too well that everyone’s tastes are different. The writer, just as the artist, the musician, the actor etc. knows that once you hand your work over to the world, it is up the world to decide for themselves. We have to be true to ourselves just as you have to be honest based on your personal preferences. I think the hurt comes from as ****** said, “the baring of the soul” combined with that wanting to be loved thing…. Thank you as well for the constructive criticism. I did get off to a very late start at this career but even an old dog like me can still learn a few new tricks!”

I MEANT IT. If you bring me your opinion based on your personal preference, I totally respect that. It doesn’t mean I’m going to change a thing but I’m not blind enough to think I can’t be better or learn something new. I could be a little crazy but I’m certainly not stupid.

Here are the (cough cough) “reviews” I am referring to:


PostedMay 1, 2013

I give 1 star the book totally sucked just like the writer, it w

I give 1 star the book totally sucked just like the writer, it was a horrible book and Im gonna blog about it!


PostedApril 26, 2013

not good at all and the 5star reviews she wrote herself

not good at all and the 5star reviews she wrote herself


PostedApril 26, 2013

I wasted my 3.99 I thought the book was really not good.

I wasted my 3.99 I thought the book was really not good.


PostedApril 12, 2013

Not a good read.

Not a good read.


PostedJune 4, 2013

I am not a book critic by any regards but this book is poorly wr

I am not a book critic by any regards but this book is poorly written. The dialect or their lack of speaks for itself. If the person writing this book (using that tern loosely) would benefit from some writing courses. I am unsure why it has so many five stars, again, it must be friends and family fluffing the writers (again, a term I will use loosely) ego. PS Bartlett should have not paid the money to “have” her book published (as it is through GMTA publishing) but reviewed and properly edited. This book is only deserving of two stars. Gary P.

Gee “Gary P”…whoda-thunk you weren’t a book critic?

Well…I finally responded.

Here it is:

My name is PS Bartlett and I am the author of this book. I have made several requests to have the obvious non-reviews which a person who is UNFORTUNATELY known to me has posted on this page, removed by B&N but sadly, here they stay.
First of all, the anonymity of the internet is a dangerous but powerful thing – to fools. Anyone who comes to a web site to purchase a book and who is an actual avid reader will not take these personal bashings seriously. However, there is always the chance that someone will read these posts and turn away from my book, which in turn will deprive me of a few dollars in royalties but even worse, deprive them of the experience of reading my story and making their own judgments.

Secondly, I have not paid GMTA or anyone else to publish my book. That is a complete lie. GMTA Literary, LLC is a legitimate independent publisher who although still in their early days of publishing, go above and beyond to assist new writers such as myself and although they may not have the budget of some larger and more established publishers, they work their tail feathers off for their writers and do not deserve to be dragged into these jealous attacks.

Last but not least, negative reviews are a fact of life to every author. We take the bad with the good and although it stings for a minute, we all understand that our work may not be everyone’s cup of tea. After all, some people prefer coffee or even scotch. The truth is, I followed my dreams. I chased them down, tied them up with a bow and handed them to the world. I didn’t do it for fame or fortune. I didn’t do it to make an already jealous and bitter person even more so. I did it for myself because I deserved to follow my dreams and I worked HARD to get here. If you allow this person to turn you away from a story that you may love forever or throw down after the first five pages, you are giving her exactly what she wants.

I trust in the fact that people who read are dreamers as well and travelers and lovers and fighters. I can’t promise you that you’ll fall in love with this story or that you’ll get in a chapter or two and then delete it from your Nook. That is for you to decide but I welcome your feedback, both good and bad because every day that I wake up, I am just GRATEFUL to be here with my story for you to read and I’m thankful I’ve been so blessed just to be ME.
Thank you,
PS Bartlett


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