Get this fantastic voyage into historical fiction for ‪#‎FREE‬!!!

Get this fantastic voyage into historical fiction for ‪#‎FREE‬!!!

From June 20th-24th, you can own AMBER WAKE – GABRIEL FALLING on ‪#‎Kindle‬ for FREE!


“5.0 out of 5 starsAn action packed journey to piracy and revenge – all in the name of the crown, queen and county – set in 1705.”
“5.0 out of 5 starsNow, I want to warn you… this is not your typical pirate tale! It’s BETTER!”
“5.0 out of 5 starsTotally unpredictable and a real gem of a discovery – Highly Recommended”

2 thoughts on “Get this fantastic voyage into historical fiction for ‪#‎FREE‬!!!

  1. I’m very confused. I’ve read all the books with Ivory and she was married to Bergman and then it’s years later and she’s camped on that beach and not married. Their boat is in lousy shape just sitting a ways away in the harbor. Then she winds up with Maddox. What happened to Bergman and that place with the Spanish lady where they took the girls they rescued? I feel like I missed a book in there somewhere. HELP!!

    • Hi Carolyn,
      Thank you first of all for following Ivory’s story and reading the books.
      I actually wrote The Blue Diamond first and my readers as well as myself, wanted to know how she was able to become who she was. From there, I began at the beginning. You haven’t missed a thing. There will be another book after Jaded Tides, possibly two, that will fill in the blanks.
      Of course at some point, Ivory and Rasmus will part ways but I don’t want to give that away. 😊 Then a while later is when she’ll meet her fate with Maddox in TBD.
      However, there’s always a chance Rasmuss might return. I love him so much that I just don’t want to imagine anything final for him. I’ll have to wait and see where this crazy girl takes me. I hope you’ll come back for the rest when the story continues.
      Thank you so much again!


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