Chapter Five – Two Souls

Happy Wednesday!

Chapter five of Broken Shutters is here.

Can you believe we’re already at just over 14,000 words?

I do have a confession to make…not only is this a story I was longing to write, it is also a test of balance. You see, life is made of two main categories: ORDER and CHAOS.

Order is discipline, effort, rules, laws etc. It’s the walls we put up to keep ourselves in line.

Chaos on the other hand is entropy, creativity, freedom and surrender. Chaos is where the brilliant ideas come from. It’s the artist painting at will or in this case, the writer.

However, the universe has a balance. Too much order and ideas and brilliance are restricted and can easily become suffocated. Too much chaos and we lose focus and can become lazy and surrender to our whims.

I’m learning to ride the river of chaos while staying within the boundaries of order. When I find myself drifting off course into some stream that cuts away from the river, I self correct and redirect myself back into the flow of the river. In other words, I bring that order back into chaos…or the neutral zone.

In simple terms what I’m training myself to do is to write on demand. Not when I fall into that creative chaos and then drift into the pond that forms where the river shoots off but to stay in that flow through just enough discipline that I am in essence controlling chaos without sacrificing my creativity.

By setting this schedule and adhering to it, I’m in the neutral zone. I’m not fighting the flow or allowing it to lead me wherever it wants. I’m flowing right along with it, eyes open, alert and in control.

Now that all of that is out of the way, I hope you enjoy chapter five.

See you Friday! That is as long as I can stay in my sweet spot in the neutral zone and keep my boat balanced on the river!

Peace out!


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