Chapter Nine – The Lady Elswick

Happy Sunday!

I actually finished and posted chapter nine sometime late last night–early this morning but I was so sleepy I bailed and went to bed before posting this blog notification.

Chapter nine can be found here.

I honestly don’t know how long this story is going to be but I have so much more in my thoughts for these people. I’m really growing attached to them and all I want to do is keep writing. Unfortunately, life as always gets in the way. No matter, as long as you want to read this I will follow through…or most likely I’ll keep going whether or not anyone reads it. 🙂

I hope you’re all having a wonderful weekend and enjoying just being alive. Being alive is so underrated. So many possibilities and things to do! lol I for one am thrilled every day when I wake up and look forward to each new day.

Love to all!


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