Chapter Fourteen – Of Love and Truth

Happy Monday! Oh joy another new week is here!

And Chapter fourteen of Broken Shutters is here.

So big hurray! It’s my birthday week! No, I won’t tell how old I am but let’s just say I’ll never be any younger than I am right now and that’s all that matters.

Actually, my birthday is Valentine’s day!

Here’s a funny story…

I was born on my parent’s wedding Anniversary. I grew up in Baltimore City, in the area which is now called Federal Hill. When I was growing up there and when I lived there prior to moving out of the city, we just called it South Baltimore.

Baltimore is known for it’s marble steps. One of our chores as children was scrubbing those marble steps every week. I actually loved doing it! I’d get my bucket of water, can of Ajax scouring powder and scrub brush, and would take great pride in making those old rowhouse steps sparkle.

Well at some point in my childhood, my mother told the story of the day I was born. Of course it was Valentine’s Day and for February, it was a very mild day. It was a Friday and my Mom always cleaned on Fridays. Yes, even nine months pregnant, she cleaned and low and behold, she was scrubbing those marble steps. She said afterwards, she came in and took a shower and put on a nice clean dress and sat down to watch her favorite soap opera, General Hospital.

My Aunt Katherine showed up as she always did at around 4:oo for their afternoon coffee and chat. Aunt Katherine noticed my mom was checking the time every so often and shouted, “Peggy, you’re in labor aren’t you?” To which my mom replied, “Yes. I have been for a few hours but I had to scrub the front steps and get my shower and I wasn’t going to miss my General Hospital.”

My mom was notorious for fast labors and even almost had one of my brothers at the drive in movies! lol

Aunt Katherine scooped mom up and took her straight to the hospital which was only about a half a mile away. My dad was still at work and my mom didn’t want to bother him so at about 5:30, I made my big debut. Doctor Sollad called my dad and put my screaming first cry on the phone. He said, “Ellwood, meet your new daughter!”

My mom was forty years old at the time and immediately requested a tubal ligation. Oddly, the doctor had to ask my dad if it was okay! Wow right? Then the doctor who was also a comedian said to mom, “Oh come on Peg, you know you’re good for a couple more!” To which she gave him the evil eye and my dad said, “Nope. This is the last one!”

Later that evening, my dad showed up at the hospital to meet me and see my mom. Mom said he had a big orange ceramic camel under one arm and beautiful diamond ring in his pocket. I still have the ring. She gave it to me before she passed. I’m glad she had long gotten rid of the camel lol

Orange was my mom’s favorite color and my dad would buy her anything he saw that was orange…even a 24 inch tall camel. 🙂

So, it was then I knew why I loved scrubbing those marble steps! I was doing it before I was even born!

Have a wonderful week!

Love yas!


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