Chapter Fifteen – Mercy and an Update

First things first…

Chapter fifteen can be found here.

I apologize for my absence. A dear friend of mine has been stricken with cancer and several of our group of lifelong friends have come together to have a fundraiser to assist her. It has been overwhelming to say the least. It takes a good deal of time when there is such a huge outpouring of support from our community. Phone calls, planning meetings, text messages and Facebook posts have kept me very busy.

We are planning a dance with lots of raffles and auctions etc. and the amount of donations that are coming in is staggering. Trying to manage all of that along with normal life – aka day job, home life etc., hasn’t left me much time to write. However, that is now rectified as I made time a few nights ago to write this chapter and time today to edit and post it.

Thank you for patience and I hope you enjoy “Mercy.”

Love yas!


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