Taking on the task of following your passion as a writer can be daunting. Pouring your heart and soul into a novel is not for the faint of heart and like you, I’ve worked countless hours to put everything I have into writing my books. Hiring an editor and proofreader have been and continue to be a very important part of the process.

We all want our novels to not only tell a great story but to be polished and as free of errors and flaws as we can make them. Making sure your novel is properly edited and as clean as possible is a must. I have an editor too!

I am an award winning author who has published six books and a novella in the past three years. My experience editing and beta reading for other authors has enhanced my skills and honed my abilities to spot errors even other editors have missed. I have learned and practiced new editing techniques that are not widely used but have helped me to not only prepare for my own editor but to assist other writers as well.


  • Proofreading a finished manuscript:

Proofreading is for those who have already completed multiple drafts of the complete manuscript and need a final comb through before submitting to an agent, publisher or self-publishing.  Proofreading does not include addressing content issues but rather punctuation, typos and grammar or the fine tuning of your book.

  • Copy-editing of a completed manuscript:

I cannot look at first drafts. It would be a disservice to you as a writer for an editor to work on your novel if it isn’t complete; as clean as you can make it, to include spell check, proper formatting and note free.

Copy-editing includes in-depth editing for content, flow, sentence structure, grammar, and also includes proofreading. I use the track changes function in Microsoft Word so you may either accept or reject any changes I make. Please, if you are not familiar with this function, try to learn how to use it prior to us beginning your edit. Here are two links that will help you:

This service includes up to three (3) exchanges. What that means is I will go through your manuscript the first time and then pass it back to you to either accept or reject my changes and suggestions. Then, you may send it back to me with any changes you make, for me to go through again and check over. Once I return it to you, you may once again either accept or reject my edits and send it back to me a final time for my last run through. Please, do not rewrite your book when I pass it back to you. We are working as a team to perfect what you’ve already written; not rewriting your novel. Your dedication to keeping your project on schedule is a must. I cannot be responsible for you missing a deadline if you are not willing to do your part.  

Personal note: I am firm but fair. I will never critique without encouragement. I won’t argue with you. YOU have the final word on your novel. 

Beta Reading

First and foremost, I do not beta read drafts. Your book should be close to completion.

Some writers turn to friends and colleagues for beta reading. I have personally had that luxury and greatly appreciated the feedback. If you are fortunate enough to have that option, that’s wonderful! However, some writers either do not have anyone to read for them or they prefer an outsider or a professional to beta read for them, simply to receive a stranger’s opinion or to receive a more in-depth report. By in-depth I mean feedback that entails chapter notes and commentary on characters, plot, flow and any particular issues you request feedback on. By all means, if you have anything you would like me to pay particular attention to, tell me.

Book Cover Design

I will design your cover from concept to completion and formatting. This service includes up to three (3) designs. Upon request, a form will be emailed to you for you to complete, where you may detail your vision for me so that together, we can bring it to life. Examples: I personally designed all of the covers for my Razor’s Adventures Pirate Tales series.


Proofreading: $.50 per page

Copyediting: $2 per page

Beta reading: $.20 per page

Book Cover Design: Based on concept and hours of work, prices start at $100.

Submission Policies

In order to maintain fair practices and continuity, I’ve set up the following policies:

  • All manuscripts must be submitted in Microsoft Word form
  • All manuscripts must be in Times New Roman, 12pt, double spaced
  • Finished manuscripts should be formatted and at the very least, spell checked with Word’s spell check function
  • All clients are first come first served
  • I will give you a start date and an end date that I can complete your service.
  • Additional and more detailed policies and payment instructions will be emailed to you upon your inquiry.

To inquire, use the form at the end of this page or email suzym45 at aol dot com.  Please include the following information in your inquiry:

  1. Service you are interested in
  2. Your Name
  3. Genre and brief description of your book
  4. Page count

Thank you for your interest in working with me. I look forward to helping you bring your best work possible to the literary world.