Amsterdam or Bust! A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Terminal B

In truth, as with most pitfalls and incidents that often defy explanation, it wasn't the least bit funny until it was all over. Then and only then was any of this...funny. 😉 I did a thing. A video about the first, second and a little of the third mishap we encountered. Thankfully, only one of … Continue reading Amsterdam or Bust! A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Terminal B

A quick update about Grinders

Hey check this one out by my old friend Craig!

Entertaining Stories

I love hour-long lunch breaks, they allow me a moment for things like this. The WiFi came back on yesterday, so last night I spent some time on Amazon and uploaded Grinders. This morning they notified me that it is a book. Here is a little bit about it:

Jimi Cabot made one mistake as a starving college student. When she went to work for the San Francisco Police Department, it nearly cost her the job. The union stepped in and they had to reinstate her. They did so by assigning her to the duty nobody wants, Grinder Squad.

Grinders are people who use back room surgeries to enhance their bodies with computer chips, and various kinds of hardware. Jimi is sure that if she can just bust one grind shop, it will be her ticket back.

Paired with veteran cop, she soon learns that Grinder Squad is a cash-cow…

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