Demons & Pearls is on its way to #1 #FREE Kindle book

Demons & Pearls is on its way to #1 #FREE Kindle book! It’s at 112 right now! Please share and help me get it to #1 by midnight!


And don’t forget, all of the following books are FREE until February 17, 2017!



Free Love Is In The Air! #Book Lovers, Come and Get You Some!



DEMONS & PEARLS – Promo Starting Tomorrow – UGH!!!!

Well, unfortunately for some reason, Amazon did not start Demons&Pearls free today. Not that I’m upset or anything but thanks AMAZON for messing up my promotion. The FREE Promo for Demons & Pearls is starting tomorrow instead of today.


No I’m not the least bit ANGRY.

I’m certain that somehow, this will end up being MY fault, even though I scheduled all of these promotions weeks ago. 😦

Are Ye Ready for a Deal That Will Shiver Ye Timbers?