New Book Coming Soon! Can Any #BookBloggers Help me out with a launch?

I’ve gone and done it!

Book #5 in the Razor’s Adventures Pirate Tales is almost ready for print!

Here is the new order of the books:

  1. Ivory Dawn

  2. Amber Wake

  3. Demons & Pearls

  4. Jaded Tides

  5. Beyond the Ruby Moon <—NEW ONE!!!!!

  6. The Blue Diamond

I haven’t established a release date yet but I wanted to reach out to any book bloggers who may be interested in hosting me, in exchange for an arc of the book. Also, the first five bloggers who contact me via email, will receive a paperback, with the all new beautiful cover, once the books are ready! You can keep it or give it to one of your readers as a giveaway!

I’m going to have a few contests as well so please stay tuned!

Here’s the BEST part of all…

All new beautiful covers!!!

Here’s a sneak peek!

New Covers

I’m extremely proud of this series and this book is my most favorite so far! The reason is it incorporates so many of our favorite characters and introduces some new and intriguing ones as well!

Let’s see what awaits you!


If you’re interested and have space available on your blog around the first week of September, I’d be honored to work with you!

Please contact me at suzym45 @ and put “BLOG HOST” in the subject line.

Like I said, the first five bloggers to contact me will receive a paperback copy of my new book, BEYOND THE RUBY MOON!

Thank you so much for reading this and I look forward to working with you!

Please feel free to share this with your blogging friends too!

Time to Begin Plotting a New #Blog Tour for Jaded Tides. Would You Help Me Out and Be a #Host?

My fourth book in the Razor’s Adventures Pirate Tales series will be launched next month! 

I know it’s kind of hard to believe I’m doing this again but I can’t seem to get off this ship of dreams so I’m asking for your support and invite you to come aboard for this voyage!

If anyone would be interested in being a blog host, do a book review or an interview, I’d greatly appreciate it! As always, I offer my services and my blog in return to host you as well.

Now that I have parted ways amiably with my publisher, I am solely dependent upon myself in order to make this book launch the best one yet but I know I can’t do it without support from my writing friends in our community.

So, with that being said, if you’d be interested in participating, please either leave a comment below or email me at suzyM45 at aol dot com. I’d love to work with you!

I’m looking for anyone who blogs, is a writer, an author or who loves to read and review books.

Thank you so much in advance!



After finding love in the most unlikely of places, Ivory’s life appears to at last be falling into place. Having proven herself a force to be reckoned with, she has at last set sail for the first time as a pirate. The only problem is she’s a woman and must disguise herself in order to set foot on a ship. Being in love with her captain isn’t helping matters either and whole new set of obstacles are presenting themselves at every turn. Her brash style and tenacity, however, could prove to make her, her own worst enemy.

With a sword in her hand and her new found love at her side, Ivory Shepard is about to embark on a   mission to rescue and return every young woman she can who has fallen prey to the jaded tides of the Caribbean sex trade. Armed with a secret log book she acquired from a pirate captain—who also happened to be an evil smuggler, she believes herself well prepared for the task. As she’s already learned the hard way, pirates always prove to be unpredictable and ruthless. Unfortunately for them, so is she.

Jaded Tides Front Cover

Book Launch! I’m Looking for Blog Hosts for My Book Tour

Finally, after some deep consideration and consultation, I’ve decided to go off on my own in this great big world of publishing and fly solo.

Demons & PearlsYep, you read me right. I’m going to self publish my latest novel, Demons & Pearls.

Of course, no one can do anything alone and be a success so I’d like to thank everyone who has helped to guide me with advice as I travel down this road.

My life has turned upside down lately with the new addition to my household of one grown daughter and three granddaughters but I can’t allow anything to slow me down. After all, I do this not only because I’d go crazy if I didn’t but also because I’ll never make writing my full time job if I don’t dedicate myself to it whole-heartedly.

So without going on and on because to be honest, I’m bloody exhausted, If you’d be interested in hosting my new book on your blog, please email me at or simply respond in the comments below and I will contact you ASAP.

Thank you so much to everyone who is interested and willing to share my book!



Hey Book Bloggers How About A FREE EBOOK Copy of The Blue Diamond?

As I begin to really ramp up for the launch of The Blue Diamond, I’m in give-away mode!

If you are a book blogger who LOVES historical fiction or at least books about adventure, romance and mystery, send me an e-mail to receive your FREE ebook copy of The Blue Diamond, two whole weeks before the rest of the world!

I have all ebook formats available. All I ask is that you are able to post your review within the next thirty days.

That’s it!


Thank you!

Wonderful Review of Fireflies and A Guest Post with Read Around Sue!

If I’ve said it once I’ve said it 1,000 times…Book Bloggers Rock!

This week, Susan of Read Around Sue reviewed my first novel, Fireflies and also gave me a spot on her blog for a guest post, to talk about my new novel, The Blue Diamond – The Razor’s Edge.


Here is a little bit of that post but please hop on over to sue’s book blog and check it out there.

Thank you Sue!

Guest Post P.S. Bartlett

Today I want to welcome the author of Fireflies, P. S. Bartlett. She captivated me with this book so I asked her to share with all of us today.

A Long Summer’s Journey into the Past

The idea for my newest novel, The Blue Diamond – The Razor’s Edge, began back in October of 2013. One night I was toying with the idea of venturing a bit off of the path that I had previously travelled in historical fiction and striking out on a new adventure. I love pirate stories. There’s something about them that has always intrigued me. I enlisted the assistance of my online Facebook friends to help me name the male protagonist and the rest as they say, is history. As of this evening, my third novel is on its way through cyberspace to my publisher.
To be honest, I was nervous when I started writing this novel. I’ve read it can be career suicide if you change genres as a new writer. In my opinion, I haven’t really changed but rather slid to the side a bit. I’m still writing historical fiction but in this novel, I’ve added the elements of romance, action and adventure. After all, how can you write a pirate novel without those elements?
The Blue Diamond is about four young women who were orphaned at a young age during a Spanish raid in Charles Towne, South Carolina and they are left to fend for themselves. Through a horrible twist of fate, their small farm along the Ashley River is once again raided but this time, by Pirates. However, they aren’t children anymore. They are brave, capable young women who aren’t afraid to defend their land and their lives against invasion.