C.S. Boyack’s Assistant and Spokes-Model, Lisa Burton, is on the #Blog With Me Today to Chat About Will O’ the Wisp

I am so thrilled this morning to have on my blog, a young lady who although the lead character in C. S. Boyack’s first novel, also serves as his personal assistant and the spokes-model for his blog, Entertaining Stories.
Ladies and gentlemen, meet Lisa Burton.

Hi, Peggy. Thanks for having me over today. I love getting out in the Fall.

It’s my pleasure, Lisa. I must say I’ve never chatted with a robot but you’re so, genuine.

I’m here to talk about Craig’s book, Will O’ the Wisp. This one is about a teenage girl named Patty Hall. She has a mild handicap that requires her to wear corrective leg braces. Her first day of high school goes just about like you might think.

Ooooo…tell me more!

She’s in love with all things related to space, and science fiction. One night, while stargazing, she and a friend spot something called a Will O’ the Wisp. Amazement turns into fear as it attacks a college student before their eyes.

Patty jumps to the wrong conclusion, and wastes a lot of valuable time trying to find a science fiction explanation. It turns out to be part of an ancient curse that’s been targeting the Hall family for generations. Patty is next on the list, and if she doesn’t figure it out soon, she’s on her way to the Hall family cemetery plot.

I love suspense and ancient curses!

Craig really put this poor girl through the ringer. I didn’t think she could hold up, but she’s a main character worthy of the title. It isn’t bad enough dealing with the curse, she has normal issues too. She watches her friends start dating from the sidelines. She has to deal with an overbearing mother, but finds an ally in her stepfather.

The whole story is set in the mid 1970s. Craig said he did this to avoid easy access to information. No cell phones and no internet equals more tension waiting for clues. If nothing else, I had a great time doing all the research into the era. Did you know there was a time when nobody had microwave ovens?

I’m sure there was but I’m too young to remember those days. <Winks and blushes and watches Lisa roll her eyes>

There is a review out there that says, Will O’ the wisp is like The Wonder Years meets The Exorcist. Craig took great glee in that remark.

I brought you a piece of art we’re using to promote the book. It’s me sitting at Patty Hall’s roll-top desk and staring at the Will O’ the Wisp.

I love art and this cover is so mysterious and spooky!

Thank you so much, Lisa, for bringing Will O’ the Wisp to my blog today. I love hosting other authors. I truly appreciate you coming on behalf of Craig. It’s been lovely speaking to you! Please give Craig all my best for much success! By the way, I love your outfit!


Cover to WISP

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COMING SOON ~ DEMONS & PEARLS (Official Book One in The Razor’s Adventures)

Demons & Pearls
Because I have dubbed myself the quintessential backwards writer, soon and very soon, I will release what I am calling the official book one in The Razor’s Adventures series.

Book two, Jaded Tides, is already in the works and the cover is even done.

Book three is still too far off to call.

The Blue Diamond will also be re-released with a new cover for continuity.

Demons & Pearls is the beginning because well, every pirate has to start somewhere.

Demons & Pearls Back cover

My Face When I Saw My New Book Cover Today!

This has been one hell of a week.

Sick, doctor appointments, x-rays, mammogram, barely any sleep, torrential rains and flooding, and worrying about having everything I need together for my PubSlush campaign.

Then this morning my husband called my work line…he never calls my work line unless it’s an emergency. I had my cell phone on silent because well, I was at work and busy.

The first words out of his mouth were, “Don’t worry, everything is okay. Before I say anything else, just know he’s fine.”

Immediately I knew something had happened to our son. I was right. He was in a car accident. My heart was in my throat but my husband continued to assure me he was alright. He’d been rear ended by a pick up truck and pushed into the back end of a jeep. He’s only eighteen but he’s a very mature eighteen and has been driving for two years.

He appears fine but has a lumbar sprain (thank you seat belts) and I’m sure tomorrow he’ll be feeling this all over. I’m just so thankful that no one was seriously hurt. However, his old Toyota Corolla is totaled.

The ying and the yang strikes again thank goodness. I was blessed again with my new book cover for “The Blue Diamond – The Razor’s Edge.”


Amber Rendon of Novel Idea Design is such a blessing to GMTA Publishing’s authors. We are so thankful to have her!

I’m planning a cover reveal this weekend. The book is still in editing but so far, it rocks and I am so proud of it! I definitely stepped sideways with this story in the historical fiction genre but I believe it was  a well placed step and I’m having so much fun with these characters!

I’ve also started book three in the “Fireflies” series and I’m already loving it and so happy to be back in the 1880’s again!

As always, thank you for taking the time to read my blog ramblings. Have a wonderful night my friends. xoxo