#Pirates and Pump it Up Weekend

What a whirlwind of a weekend!

Saturday consisted of a fabulous day at the Fells Point Privateer Festival with my best mates. I’ll not deny I did partake of a wee bit too many dark and stormys–and a few other things that Captain Morgan had to offer but hey, pirates, right? 😉

Here are a few captures from our fun day!

My NEW hat!

My NEW hat!

Love this hat!

Love this hat!


Captain Morgan checking out my D&P Card

group IMG_1246 drinks IMG_1239 flag IMG_1233 Gitana Mermaid Parrot IMG_1198 IMG_1189 Kim hatIMG_1268 piu piu2 pui3pui4pui5


A Post Dedicated to Grandfathers of Princesses

I often speak about my granddaughters.

How can I help it? They are my three little princesses, and my husband and I worship the ground their little princess piggies walk on. As much as I love the time I spend with them, I believe there is a very special bond between grandfathers and granddaughters.

I went through a year’s worth of pictures and that beautiful bond just cried out to be shared. Below are some of my favorite captures of my husband Wayne and our three darling granddaughters. I pity the man who someday comes along and tries to steal their hearts. He will not only have to meet Poppy’s approval but he’ll have to live up to an example of how these girls should be treated…like the princesses they are.

Poppy Wayne Poppy 4 Poppy poppy2 Poppy3 Poppy5 Poppy6 Poppy7 poppy8 poppy9 poppy10 poppy11 poppy12 poppy13 poppy15 poppy16 poppy17 poppy18 poppy19 poppy20 poppy21 poppy22 poppy23

Jagjiwan Sohal is having a $.99 sale on his book “Smorgasbord” for 7 days!

For the next 7 days, “Smorgasbord” by Jagjiwan Sohal will be on sale for only $.99 on Amazon and Barnes & Noble. This book has nothing but 5 star reviews so far! See the quotes below!
5.0 out of 5 stars FUN AND WACKY, July 27, 2014
Verified Purchase(What’s this?)
This review is from: Smorgasbord (Kindle Edition)
5.0 out of 5 stars Creative & Fun!, July 23, 2014
This review is from: Smorgasbord (Paperback)
Reading & Discussing this creatively adventurous novel with my sub-teen was a blast!There are several characters that make this book amazingly unique, but our main focus is on Julie, a teen vampire, and a zombie- child whose only vocabulary is “brains”. While these two run for their lives, they’re lucky enough to encounter more paranormal creatures with the same problem: they’re the newest culinary fad. Unfortunately, there’s a psychotic woman leading a group of hunters that makes Ted Nugent look like Mr. Rogers. Throw in a zombie rancher, his spokeswoman, and a reporter scorned, and you have one heck of an adventure!

For the record, I’m not a zombie fan, but I truly enjoyed this book! This author is brilliant! I highly recommend picking this one up!

As a parent, I must warn that there is some descriptive violence involved here. Although my son & I had a wonderful time reading this, I wouldn’t recommend this novel for children below the 6th grade.

I was gifted a copy by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

5.0 out of 5 stars A Wonderful Summer Read!!!!, July 9, 2014
This review is from: Smorgasbord (Kindle Edition)
Do you like having cookouts in the summer? Well, what about a smorgasbord? This book is totally out of my comfort zone as a reader and I loved it! I am normally not the zombie/vampire fan and I’m here to tell you, this is a fun summer read! Great for all ages, young and old.

The story centers around Julie, who was born as a vampire when she was a teen. She is older, but still lives in her teen body. She saves a little zombie boy from danger and takes him under her wing, staying clear of humans. Yes, in this story, humans hunt ghouls of all kinds, and serve them up at the annual Monster Mash Food Festival. I don’t think I would personally like to eat a zombie or a werewolf and vampires are hard to catch, so that’s way too much work for me. But the suburbanites, also known as the Wilkerson family, work hard to kill the ghouls in the neighborhood, even by teaching their children to shoot them dead. Our main vampire, though, snacks on veggies only.

I loved that this story was like a car chase, not knowing what was around every corner as Julie protects the zombie boy while trying to outwit the Wilkersons. She learns to fight for her survival and makes many friends along the way. Sohal makes us root for the monsters, which I thought he did brilliantly. Also the big plus was learning about Julie’s past. I connected with her during this flashback as she tells the zombie boy a bedtime story: The story of her early vampire life. The only disappointment for me was, I was hoping to read more about the ghosts. I found it clever that ghosts were drank, not eaten, hence the term: Spirits.

Highly recommended for a fun summer read, fast paced, and keeps you on the edge! I really hope there is a book two in the works, because I cannot wait to get a copy!

This is my weekend so I may not be around much

I’m keeping my three beautiful granddaughters for the whole weekend, while my daughter and her husband take a little break at the beach.

Oh the joy!

However, I won’t be around much if at all during the day because I’ll be smooching and loving on these darling babies! We are so blessed!

Everyone have a wonderful weekend!

Harper bubble Scarlett cup Scarlett sleeps Babies playing

Sometimes Television Commercials Aren’t for Bathroom Breaks


Yesterday, I saw the picture above on someone’s Facebook timeline and immediately shared it. As a female child, I was never discouraged from doing anything I wanted to do. I was encouraged to try different things, explore my imagination and even pushed a little when a natural aptitude emerged.

Not all female children are so fortunate.

This morning, a friend of mine tagged me in this video and it spoke to me in so many ways.

Can we stop teaching our female children how to be “girls” and just allow them to be who they’re meant to be?

When my only daughter was about three years old, she was obsessed with fire trucks and Tonka trucks. She had three large fire engines, including her favorite, the hook and ladder. She didn’t grow up to be a fire fighter or a dump truck operator but we never discouraged her interests. I was guilty on occasion of the “don’t get dirty” and “put that down before you hurt yourself” talk but luckily, she was as stubborn as I am and got plenty dirty anyway.

Sometimes commercials don’t suck. Sometimes they’re worth holding your water for.

Thumbs up Verizon.