#TBX – The Bastard Executioner…Cancelled? Sign the Petition to Bring Back TBX! #IWantMyTBX!

With all of the garbage on television today, how can something so stirring, thoughtful, well written and perfectly acted get cancelled?

Here’s how: http://www.gq.com/story/bastard-executioner-canceled

“In an interview accompanying the announcement, Sutter elaborates, couching the decision in terms of utter pragmatism—”I don’t want to write something nobody’s f—ing watching,” he said, before going on to acknowledge the show’s consistently sinking numbers probably spelled doom for it anyway—he’d just rather euthanize the project than wait for his network to do the math and tell him he wouldn’t get a season two.”

NEWS FLASH Kurt and FX…WE WERE WATCHING and would continue to watch if given the chance!

We the fans are going to try, against all odds to somehow resuscitate this show!


Please sign our petition. Even if we don’t win, we can let Kurt Sutter and FX know that we as fans are out here and we LOVE this show and this story. http://www.ipetitions.com/petition/bring-back-bastard-executioner

Thank you!

#Amazon Removing Reviews Citing the Reviewer “Knows” the #Author

I am an independent author who has now had this happen twice. These are friends/fans of mine on Facebook and I want to know how Amazon knows these people are my friends. Of course my friends are reading and reviewing my books. They are the first to even know about them! I am a small business who relies on my friends and acquaintances to spread the word for me.

This is just wrong and so unfair.

We as authors have enough challenges just finding an audience. It is completely unfair that reviews can be removed simply because our friends choose to be part of our audience.

Add to this, the two readers whose reviews Amazon removed PURCHASED my books through Amazon. These weren’t review copies. These were purchased Kindle downloads.

Where does it stop? Authors, actors, musicians and artists of all mediums are closer than ever to their fans, dropping the degrees of separation to ONE. The fans love this and so do the artists.

Apparently, Amazon doesn’t get it. 

Check out this petition for more information.

Amazon review removal