#Fabulous Five Star Review for JADED TIDES! Come on! Climb #Aboard!

Five Stars Girl

I LOVE this review!

“Ready for another high adventure on the open seas where vast ships sail the waters filled with cargo, treasure and contraband? Welcome aboard as we set sail once again with the firebrand, Ivory, still in her disguise as Ivan. To her shock and awe, she finds love in the arms of the Jade’s captain. Rasmus knows what he is getting into with the fiery Ivory and he has vowed to fight by her side as she prepares to seek and destroy every slave ship she finds. Young females are being taken from their homes and sent across the waters in a lucrative pirate sex trade business fouling the waters of the Caribbean and Ivory is determined to stop it at any cost. But is she willing to risk Rasmus? Her identity? Her life?

P.S. Bartlett is back and she has another adventure-filled voyage to take us on. Jaded Tides is adventure, romance and history in the making as Ivory will stop at nothing to stop evil at its worst. With her own history to spur her on, sometimes Ivory acts before she thinks, but it’s her passion that brings this tale to life. She is a heroine to be reckoned with. And Rasmus? The man is a saint, honorable, brave and, let’s be honest; he loves the fire in Ivory’s heart, even when it could be at his expense.

With a rapid pace, entanglements all around and a crew that has salt in their veins and loyalty in their hearts, the humorous scenes just add to the joy of Ivory’s adventures. More fun than the Loveboat, more romantic than a seaside picnic, even the smells of the crew, the water and the bowels of a ship wouldn’t make me miss taking this voyage! So hoist the sails, get your sea legs ready, we’re off on another adventure with P.S. Bartlett at the helm.”


Starting 5-17-15 You Can Download the NEW #Novella IVORY DAWN for FREE on #Kindle!

That’s right! From 5-17-15 until 5-21-15, you can download the novella IVORY DAWN for FREE and find out what started it all!
This novella is what I call, the prelude to a pirate. What happened that fateful night that set Ivory and her sister cousins on the path to piracy?

Ivory Dawn

DEMONS & PEARLS Only $2.99 on #Kindle

DEMONS & PEARLS Only $2.99 on #Kindle
“… if you ever had a tender inch, you’ve buried it beneath the vines of bitterness you’ve wrapped yourself in. Tell me Ivory, who did this to you? Who plucked the rose and left the thorns?”

a tender inch

Demons & Pearls #BlogTour Has Begun!

drinking animated GIF

Tomorrow is the BIG DAY!

DEMONS & PEARLS will officially set sail!

Please check out the fabulous Bloggers below who have signed on to help me christen this ship!

Break out the champagne…uhhhh…I mean RUM and let’s get this party rockin’!



https://vashtiqvega.wordpress.com/ 4/13/2015
http://tometender.blogspot.com/?zx=3f47bc15730bf020 4/14/2015
http://scvincent.com/ 4/14/2015
https://jaxjill.wordpress.com/author/jaxjill/ 4/15/2015
http://www.chkarasilverwolf.com/ 4/16/2015
http://www.mcsimonwrites.com/ 4/17/2015
https://olganm.wordpress.com/ 4/17/2015
https://mbarkersimpson.wordpress.com/ 4/18/2015
https://coldhandboyack.wordpress.com/ 4/20/2015
http://silverthreading.com/ 4/21/2015
http://kindleninjareviews.blogspot.com/ 4/27/2015

I also have several bloggers interested in reviewing the book and will update with that information later as well.

There are still a couple more I need to add but I want to shout out a BIG THANK YOU to everyone who has signed up to participate!

Less than 24 Hours to go!


#Thunderclap Promotion Update – I Can Still Use Your Help

Good Morning!


I just wanted to stop in and give you all a quick update on my Thunderclap progress.

As of this writing, the stats are:

70 of 100
70% of goal supported
11 days
Ends Apr 21, 12:00 PM EDT
As you can see, I still need 30 more supporters to reach my goal and make this campaign a success. It’s very simple to be a supporter. All you need to do is click on the link and click support.
Thank you so much for taking the time to help me!
Have a great day!

COMING SOON ~ DEMONS & PEARLS (Official Book One in The Razor’s Adventures)

Demons & Pearls
Because I have dubbed myself the quintessential backwards writer, soon and very soon, I will release what I am calling the official book one in The Razor’s Adventures series.

Book two, Jaded Tides, is already in the works and the cover is even done.

Book three is still too far off to call.

The Blue Diamond will also be re-released with a new cover for continuity.

Demons & Pearls is the beginning because well, every pirate has to start somewhere.

Demons & Pearls Back cover