Readers’ Favorite Gives AMBER WAKE #FIVESTARS!

Five Stars Amber Wake

I’m sure I speak for both Ronovan and myself when I say we are incredibly proud of this novel. The reviews we’ve been getting are like icing on the cake. Thank you Readers’ Favorite Book Reviews!

Reviewed by Jack Magnus for Readers’ Favorite

Amber Wake: Gabriel Falling, The Razor’s Adventures Pirate Tales is an historical adventure novel written by P.S. Bartlett and Ronovan Hester. Captain Gabriel Wallace had no idea that his presence in a tavern filled with Royal Navy men and sailors relaxing with their companions would lead to his court martial and expulsion from the Royal Navy. When his lieutenant and good friend, Miles Jacobs, mentioned that there was a problem in the upper level of the tavern involving Admiral Hawthorne’s wife, Wallace had no choice but to intervene. The outraged Admiral was ready to shoot the miscreant who had been with his wife right then and there, and he was oblivious to any attempts made to reason with him. In the fray, the Admiral was stabbed and later died, and Wallace was charged with interfering with the Admiral’s attempts to defend himself. While Wallace escaped imprisonment or the noose, his enemies, particularly the corrupt Admiral Chambers were not through with their vendetta. However, Wallace did not sit idle during the month he spent awaiting trial. He had been busy following the trail of evidence against those who had long wished his family harm, and he had made a few plans of his own.

P.S. Bartlett and Ronovan Hester’s historical adventure novel, Amber Wake: Gabriel Falling, The Razor’s Adventures Pirate Tales, is an exciting and fast-paced story set in the early eighteenth century. As I read of Captain Wallace’s trial and expulsion from the Royal Navy and his decision to turn to piracy, I was reminded of Sabatini’s classic pirate adventure tale, Captain Blood. The action scenes in this novel are vivid and filled with sounds and images, and the plot is compelling and complex. The authors’ characters are marvelously portrayed, especially that of Miles Jacobs, whose loyalty and concern for his friend prompts him to put everything at risk. Amber Wake is well-written and the plot is a delight. Anyone who’s ever enjoyed a good pirate movie (and who hasn’t?) or found themselves wrapped up in a classic adventure novel will have a grand time reading this authentic and suspenseful tale. It’s highly recommended.

Readers’ Favorite Reviewed The Blue Diamond – The Razor’s Edge

Cover Five Stars

Book Review
Reviewed by Michelle Stanley for Readers’ Favorite

The Blue Diamond (The Razor’s Edge Book One) is a historical romance by P.S. Bartlett. Captain Ivory Shepard’s luck as a pirate nearly runs out when her ship is attacked, and she’s rescued by the handsome, ruthless Captain Carbonale. There’s a reward on Ivory’s head and Captain Carbonale plans to collect it. Ivory doesn’t intend to get hanged, so she plans her escape. She flees to her female cousins who are pirates too. If there is honour among thieves, then Ivory and her cousins are dealing with the most dishonest ones who are willing to double cross them for the loot they have hidden. Ivory is attracted to Captain Carbonale but her distrust for him runs deep, especially when people she’s associated with disappear. She also realises that her cousins have other plans for their future that do not include piracy, and wonders about her own destiny as she constantly tries to battle her way out of being captured.

It’s not often I read stories about female pirates and I am impressed with The Blue Diamond (The Razor’s Edge Book One). P.S. Bartlett writes an entertaining novel that offers great action, adventure and witty dialogue. The personalities of Ivory and her cousins are complex, but I easily connected with them. These are independent, free spirited women with lusty appetites, especially Miranda. Their sense of humour shines through any situation they are placed in. I liked this romantic story which includes some historical data to make it appropriate for that era.

 What an awesome surprise to wake up to this morning!


My Medal Arrived!



Although I’m disappointed I cannot attend the ceremony in Florida due to financial constraints, this gorgeous baby takes the sting out if it.

Thank you Kitty and Ravenswood/Gmta for believing in my book and thank you Readers’ Favorite for choosing it for the Silver Medal in Paranormal Fiction!

Most of all, thank you everyone who read my book and continue to support my dreams every single day!

FIREFLIES Takes the Silver Medal in the Paranormal Fiction Category!

Award-9eb9437e351cbc69a9fd9a9bec91ec12-page-001Readers' Favorite


Honestly, I have no clue if I’ve won any prizes but right now, I’m thrilled I won a silver medal!


PubSlush is Complete and Ready to Go – Let’s Do This!

I finished my PubSlush campaign last night and it has been approved!

First, here’s a little video to give you more information about PubSlush and their mission.

The Pubslush Cause from Pubslush on Vimeo.

I’d be ever so grateful if you’d go take a peek at it and perhaps even register as a fan to receive updates on my progress. 🙂 Just click on Ivory below to go to my PubSlush Profile.


Although the official launch date isn’t until September 1, 2014, I’m so excited and grateful for this opportunity to be able to take part in such an innovative concept in crowd-funding.

If you follow my blog, you know I won this opportunity through a pitch contest for my new book, “The Blue Diamond – The Razor’s Edge.” I’m very proud of this book, as I’ve moved my writing in another direction and although I was afraid in the beginning to take such a leap, I’m still in the genre I love but trying out a different angle and story type–romance and adventure.

September 1st is going to be a pretty big day all the way around because that is also the day I find out if “Fireflies” has won in either category in the Readers’ Favorite Book Awards contest. There are so many wonderful books in my category and as cliche as it sounds, I’m just thrilled to be a finalist in their company. Of course I’d love to win but it’s been a thrill to just have that finalist badge on my book cover.

“The Blue Diamond” will be released on October 1, 2014 and I’m putting my blog tour together with the assistance of my incredible publisher, Ravenswood Publishing.  If you’d like to participate in my blog tour, please e-mail me at

Thank you all so much as always for stopping to read my ramblings.

Have a wonderful night!

I’m Back! I’m Fired Up! I’m Ready to Rock ‘N Roll and Sell Some Books!

I really hadn’t planned on blogging tonight but it’s midnight you see and that means my brain is on fire. 

The past few nights my brain was on baby needs which is immediate and sweet and full of chubby hugs and smooches but I need to get down to business.

I need to sell some books. 

I had a brain storm while I was at work today. Okay, it was more of a monsoon and all I could think about was going to Miami for the Readers’ Favorite Awards and meeting and mingling with hundreds of other authors and readers and putting myself out there and saying, “Hi! Nice to meet you! I’m P.S. Bartlett!”

No, I won’t be yelling it but you get the idea. However, right now I am faced with the need to sell books. I hate thinking about selling books. Not because I don’t want to sell books but because it takes a tremendous amount of time and ingenuity to get in front of the right people to buy them.

We have no choice. We have to think about it. We have to do it. Otherwise, we’ll never become as successful as we dream to be.

Granted, my day job is in sales and marketing so I can do it with my eyes closed. However, I’m in B2B sales in the copier and printer industry. Besides books being printed on paper, that’s where the relationship between the two ends.

My struggles are as follows:
  • Finding readers for my books
  • Writing More Books
  • Finances
  • Time
  • Editing
  • Family needs
  • Day Job
  • Marketing

Just to name a few.

However, I’m not here to whine about the same issues we all have. I’m here to ask you for your business. I’m here to ask you to buy my books. All day long I ask people for their business and I usually get it. Why? Because in the copier business, there is plenty of competition but I KNOW we’re the best.

The same goes for my books. If I don’t believe they’re awesome, who else will?

Of course we all feel this way about our work but if we don’t put ourselves out there and ask for our readers to buy our books, then what’s the point? I love my books. I want my readers to love them too and thankfully, many do.

So tonight my lovies, I say let’s ask for our shot at this author business. Don’t be shy. Don’t spam, harass or badger but don’t sit back and wait for your customers to come to you. I want to go to Miami and I can’t get there without book sales. So, I’ll continue to look for ways to find you. ALL OF YOU.

If you love Historical Fiction novels that are character driven, filled with love, loss, drama, laughter, romance and atmosphere, buy my books.

They are waiting for you. I promise, they won’t let you down.