Are You Ready to #Write Your Novel?

Well my friends, tomorrow is the big day.

So far today I’ve seen AD after AD for tools, tricks, manuals and aids to assist you with your NanoWrimo process.

Here’s the thing though…there is no process. You don’t need guides, manuals or instructions.


You just need to write.

Time and time again I see so much hype and angst over doing this and believe me when I say to you, all you need to do is write. You are writing a first draft. This isn’t supposed to be about writing some best seller or the novel of the century.

Could your fifty thousand words end up as such? I bloody hope so! 🙂 BUT…this is an exercise. This is a cerebral and creative work out. This is a month long daily trip to the brain gymnasium, not a final exam or the end all be all of your writing career.

This will be my first official NanoWrimo. There are no nerves, fears or night terrors over whether or not I can make it to fifty thousand words. YOU should not be afraid either, unless you suddenly have absolutely no time to write at all or your computer crashes in the middle of everything–in which case you should be backing up your work anyway.

Here is my personal list of advice for you for NanoWrimo:

  • Eat
  • Drink
  • Sleep
  • Write
  • Repeat daily for one month
  • Back up your work
  • Take bathroom breaks
  • Have fun and let your imagination run wild
  • Don’t ignore your family and friends but advise them of what you’re doing so they don’t get worried

Whether you’re doing this to actually write a book or for the community aspect, buddy system or commiserating…just sit down and WRITE!

Love you all…good luck!