Hello world!

I’ve started this blog to introduce myself to the world and give myself a way to track my progress as an author.

I’ve loved writing my whole life although for the most part, I’ve been a wife, mother and stellar employee at jobs that paid the bills. Yeah I know, boring right? I beg to differ. My life has been anything but boring. It’s been everything from tragedy to triumph. I have three amazing children that I will brag about to anyone who will listen and have some wonderfully generous and hysterically funny friends whom I enjoy spending time with and have finally widdled my way down to those who I actually “get” something from by way of the good and the bad.

On to my first completed book. Although some writers (or most) will tell you much like an artist would that books are never truly finished and you’re constantly thinking “I should have done this or that…” I’ve tried to stay away from too many revisions yet as I know that once someone sees it who appreciates it and wants to work with me, there will be more than enough revisions to satisfy that requirement.

My first attempt at becoming an author is called FIREFLIES. It takes place in late nineteenth century America and involves a large family who’s youngest child is being haunted. I did a great deal of research for this book but not for the haunted part but rather for the immigration process and the lifestyle of those living during that time period, most of whom were immigrants. It’s full of dialogue (I love me some good dialogue) and the characters are rich and full of life.

I’ve submitted my query to about ten agents so far and have been blessed to have received my first request for fifty pages, to which I jumped up and down like a fool and had goose pimples all over my body. Then I nearly had a meltdown hoping that she liked them enough to at least reply to me within two months and tell me if I suck or if she wants the entire manuscript. We all want the latter right? 🙂

Well, it’s 1:35 AM and I’m beat. Tomorrow is a holiday and God willing, I’ll put some words on this screen again.

Oh and I forgot to mention…I started my second book tonight.

See ya!

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