Hap Hap Happy, Happy Talk

Due to circumstances beyond my control, I haven’t been able to get much work done editing my book but I’m not apologizing because my life is kinda crazy at the moment.

For months, I had so much time on my hands before I finally sat down and heard those little voices telling me what to write and amazingly, I was able to both do my research and whack out my first novel in just under a month. I even did a three month gym odyssey which resulted in my losing a whopping two pounds and gaining biceps and having aches and pains in muscles I’d long since thought had atrophied from so much time spent with a book in my lap. Except for cooking, cleaning, entertaining and being entertained and of course that 40 hour a week gig managing an office, my time was my own to just indulge myself.

That was then, this is now.

As I’ve mentioned before, I’m for the most part (around 98.5%) terminally happy. I like happy people. I like happy places and I’m borderline giddy when someone I love accomplishes something that they’ve set out to do or even if something wonderful just suddenly happens to them. Two and half years ago, the most amazing thing happened to me; I became a grandmother.

Pretty much since birth, my grand-gorgeous as I call her AKA Sweet Pea AKA Pearl, has been living four hours away in Virginia Beach, VA because my son in law is in the Navy. I’ve been lucky enough to have seen her for maybe a week or two at a time, several times a year since then. I’d bask in the glow of being her slave, her go to person for juice and hugs and cuddles and cookies and completely immerse myself in the glory of grand parenthood. My husband and partner in crime and I either took turns taking care of her every whim or we jointly bowed down to her precious pink toenails and kissed her little piggies together every chance we’d get.

Now we’re doing it full time or nights and weekends at least.

She and my daughter moved home about a month ago until my son in law’s contract is up, at which time he too will be living with us while looking for a job as well as a new apartment. My evenings are once again filled with “Please eat your dinner,” and “Honey don’t do that you could get hurt,” and “let MomMom kiss a boo boo.” and I couldn’t be happier…I’m just completely exhausted. I should be in bed right now but as most writers know, you have to let it out.

So far, the absolute joy of seeing this beautiful, intelligent and loving child, far outweighs the added responsibilities and duties which are taking years off of my life due to lack of sleep and stresses which I won’t go into. The mere smidgen of time I have each day just to edit a few pages of my manuscript alone is testing me to the very end but she’ll only be this little for a little while and now that I have her home, I don’t intend to miss it.

The book isn’t going to grow up and not want my hugs and booboo kisses anymore. It will be here waiting for my return to buff and polish it, just as it sits right now. It won’t age and be more interested in the latest boy bands and tell me to get out it’s room and give it some privacy. It won’t stop enjoying my company for bubble baths and Blues Clues. It won’t run naked squealing through the house after a bath or say “Beshyoo MomMom,” when I sneeze.

It will wait and when I have to say goodbye again to this angelic, spirited, lightning in a diaper cherub who worships me for God only knows what reason, it won’t have changed or aged and will comfort me on those lonely nights when she’s tucked into her pink Hello Kitty sheets a few miles away and I have time to burn before 9:00PM.

She better call me though.

I love you Sweet Pea. A million bushels.


One thought on “Hap Hap Happy, Happy Talk

  1. Wow sis,
    You said a mouth full there! She is an amazing little girl.. I’m glad you’re enjoying her being under your wings! She couldn’t be in a better place or have a better woman for a “Mom-Mom”! I have a reasonable understanding of your unconditional, boundless love for her..
    Although Tyler really isn’t mine, in my heart of hearts, he’s my grandson! Nothing is to much, no hour of the day is to late, and no limitations of tolerance when it comes to that kind of love! The joy of just hearing a laugh, is a reward and makes every sleepless night worth the sacrifices! I love you sis! You’re an awesome “Grandmother”!

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