Thomas Rydder chats with author Dianne Harman

Thomas Rydder chats with author Dianne Harman about her book “Blue Coyote Motel.”

Thomas Rydder

Blue Coyote Motel

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Book Description:

“He remembered the little motel in the desert when his life turned around.”

Six wayward travelers stop for the night at a remote California desert motel. The next morning each leaves “geeling good,” but unaware they have become addicted to a gaseous drug piped into their rooms.

The motel owner, Jeffrey, is a scientist recently fired by a prestigious Southern California drug manufacturer. The basement of the motel has been converted into a secret laboratory where Jeffrey conduct his clandestine experiments.

It is there that he invents “Freedom,” a drug that frees people from depression, anger, stress, and aggression. Jeffrey has grandiose plans to make “Freedom” available throughout the world in order to bring about peace and harmony.

Spinning slowly into the depths of insanity, he decides to forego getting FDA approval of “Freedom” and instead tests its effectiveness…

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