Reblogging for my friend Thomas Rydder!

Thomas Rydder

Greetings! My debut novelThe Clearingcomes out March 1st. As part of my marketing plan, we have put my book on Goodreads to get some reviews. So. I’ve put Chapter One below for your (hopefully) enjoyment. If you like it, you can click on the cover to go to the book’s page on Goodreads and click the “Want to Read” button (that’s a rather thinly veiled request :)). Also, there’s a section on the page where you can enter to win a FREE copy…!
Many heartfelt thanks to anyone who reads the chapter, leaves a comment, clicks “Want to Read”, or enters the contest…thank you so much!

The Clearing Production Cover

Click on the cover to get it on Amazon!

Chapter One

Itwasn’t anywhere near noon, and Beth Lowe already had a sneaking suspicion her day was about to go down the drain. The odor of urine and feces…

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