The Writers Lounge Book Shelf Awards!

Woohoo! I just received this wonderful message from Tom Riddell of The Writer’s Lounge about the Book Shelf Awards:

“You are in the top 10 of over 60 books reviewed on The Writers Lounge- Showcasing New Authors Blog and you could be picked in the top 5! A link to the show will be coming shortly! Thank you again for helping to make our show a huge success! “

2014 Book Shel


For the past 2.5 years we have had over 60 authors on our show to promote their books and Tom has reviewed over 60 books. On Monday March 17th at 7PM Central Time- USA, The Writers Lounge Blog Talk Radio Show will present: THE 2014 BOOK SHELF AWARDS.

Tom will announce the Top 5 books/series that he has reviewed over the last 2.5 years. There will be no single winner. All 5 will have the honor of sitting on our Top Shelf.

Look for the link to the Blog Talk Radio Show within the next week.We would like to thank all of the TWL authors for making us a success and we look forward to showcasing more authors into the future!

Thank You!!

The next Book Shelf Awards will be presented in 2016.

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