Guest Post: How to Avoid the Rejection Blues by PS Barlett

Thank you Dan for having me on your blog today!

PSBatlett blog tour How to Avoid the Rejection Blues

by PS Barlett

Admit it, we’ve all been told no a time or two in our lives. Actually, we’ve PS BARTLETT (PHOTO BY SHERRY FORNOFF)probably been told no more times than we’d care to remember but from the time we started telling ourselves yes, for some reason those no’s got even harder and harder to take. When we become adults, we constantly tell ourselves yes because we love ourselves and we want us to be happy. For example;

“Yes, of course I can have that pizza.”

“Yes, I worked hard all week. I deserve that new pocket book.”

“Yes, I’m a grown up now, I can eat ice cream for dinner and chase it with corn chips!”

After all, why would we tell ourselves no anyway? We only tell ourselves no when it’s something we probably don’t want anyway or we have to for health or financial reasons. So…

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