10 Ways To Get Publicity

At least half of these have never even crossed my mind. Thank you so much! I’m going to put these words into action!

On Becoming a Wordsmith

No way am I a media guru but I have found a few things that have worked to develop my author platform.  Today as the snow flutters outside my window and my neighbor heads out in it, I’m happy to share a few things I’ve found.  There are thousands of ways to get publicity but, unlike some, I don’t believe any publicity is good.  You won’t be seeing me scantily clad at a football game or posting naughty movies on You-Tube.  This is positive media attention we’re looking for, folks!

10 Ways to Get Publicity

1.  Start a blog about your experiences in your area of expertise.  I have two.  One is more personal, where I

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