Another Great Review for “Fireflies!”

Five stars

‘Fireflies’ by P.S. Bartlett

★★★★ 5/5

The story of the Whelan family is set in the 1800s. It would take absolutely brilliant writing to really take us back in time to a different century – and the writer has achieved this quite impressively.

This is one of those books that has to be read at a leisurely pace so you could appreciate the beauty of the narrative. While it focuses on Ennis’ extraordinary gift, this is as much about his father Owen, who also has a story to tell. This then explains the difficult situation that the family has to come to terms with.

The supernatural and paranormal elements are seamlessly combined with 19th century life so vividly imagined. It’s a combination that’s quite difficult to pull off because of the sheer complexity of the individual elements.

‘Fireflies’ is an enjoyable read with interesting characters and an intricate plot told in a beautiful narrative.

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