What a way to end a beautiful weekend! A Five Star Review!

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Recently, I offered a free copy of my second novel HOPE FROM THE OCEAN in exchange for reviews. That offer still stands and shall remain standing until I decide to withdraw it. At this point however, I have no intention to do so.

Nicole was one of two people who took me up on my offer and I’m so pleased that she did! Below is Nicole’s wonderful review and as always, I’m thrilled she enjoyed my book!

You can check out the original review, along with the rest of her blog HERE.

You can also find her review on Goodreads.

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Hope from the Ocean is the prequel to Fireflies and tells the story of Dr. Owen Whelans childhood. The story begins in Ireland with two orphaned boys, Patrick and Dillon, waiting for their uncle to come and take them to his farm to live with his family. Dillon, the younger brother, fits right in with his six cousins and loving aunt and uncle. He even finds his niche in life, having a natural talent for caring for the horses. However, Patrick has trouble fitting in and feels like he does not belong anywhere. After a few years, he decides to run away to find out who he is and his sense of belonging. He finds passage on a ship to America and is ‘adopted’ by Rachel Whelan. Patrick takes the name Owen Whelan and finds his niche while studying medicine in Philadelphia. But can he let his past go and find what it means to love and be loved?

Hope from the Ocean is a beautiful story of love and family, hope and redemption. I found myself cheering on the characters as if they were real-life friends. I nearly cried when I read the last page, I just did not want it to end.

I was also pleasantly surprised by how unpredictable it was. I love books where I cannot predict what is going to happen, and this was definitely one of those books for me! I also loved how the author told the story without adding all the graphic adult content that I find in a lot of historical fiction novels. It’s true people: you don’t have to have all the racy adult content to have a great story. The love and affection the characters show for each other is what made it great! I loved everything about this book. P.S. Bartlett is now one of my new favorite authors. She really makes you feel what the characters feel, like you are experiencing the story, not just reading from the sidelines. I look forward to more from this wonderful author.

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I hope you have a fabulous week, and check back again in a few days for the book review for Fireflies. Happy Reading! :)


Disclaimer: I received this book through a free giveaway from the author. I did not receive compensation for my review. All opinions are 100% mine.

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