A Review of “Fireflies” by Flutterby Inspirations

Recently I requested reviews of my books in exchange for a free e-copy and Nicole answered my ad. I’m very pleased she did. Her reviews are thoughtful, honest and prompt, and I hope she knows how thankfully I am that she signed up to do this.

This book had me hooked form the very beginning, just as I was with “Hope from the Ocean”. “Fireflies” is the story of Dr. Owen and Sarah Whelan and their family of seven children: Fagan, Liffey, Connell, Teagan, Brogan, Patrick, and Ennis. In the beginning, Ennis, the youngest of the seven Whelan children, is holding a bird. It’s a very sick or nearly dead, when all of a sudden it moves and then flies away… Later, at a church picnic, Ennis is bitten by a rattler, but he doesn’t die, there’s not even a mark left over from the bite on his arm. It seems that Ennis has been given the gift of healing, but his family is not overjoyed about the development. The members of the Whelan family all have very different reactions towards Ennis’ gifts: disbelief, anger, frustration, fear, and even refusal to acknowledge. At first, Teagan, the second eldest daughter. writes the strange occurrences off as merely ‘coincidences’ and tells Ennis to keep the various healings a secret. But it’s not long before others in the community are taking notice. Will the family be able to come to terms with Ennis’ gifts, or will it tear them apart?

“Fireflies” is a very interesting and unique story, a mixture of romance, the supernatural, and heart warming love of a family. I loved getting to see the relationships between Owen and his children. One part in particular brought tears to my eyes. Liffey, the eldest daughter is feeling left out when it comes to having a sweet heart. Two of her brothers are courting girls and even her little sister has a beau. She tells her father that she thinks she’s not pretty enough and that’s why no boys have come to ask to court her. Owen has her sit on his lap like she did when she was a little girl and he reminds her who she is, a beautiful, caring, compassionate girl that any man would be crazy not to fall in love with.

Read Nicole’s complete review on her blog here…http://flutterbyinspirations.com/book-review-for-p-s-bartletts-fireflies/

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