Emmys 2014: Thrones, Fargo, Coven Lead Nominations; Lizzy Caplan, Matt Bomer, Joe Morton Among First-Timers

Don’t get it twisted, I love “Orange is the New Black” but seriously, I think the Emmy’s can go pound sand this year. None of my favorite actors, namely Charlie Hunnam, Andrew Lincoln and Scott Wilson were nominated, nor was the highest rated cable television program of ALL TIME. Yeah, yeah, yeah I’m just a disgruntled fan and I don’t even watch much television but I’m starting to think the academy has a major aversion to zombies or supernatural characters of any kind…and bikers…and these awesome people: http://tvline.com/2014/07/10/emmy-snubs-nominations-2014-emmys-nominees/

What say you my fabulous, well informed followers? I want to know if anyone else out there agrees or disagrees.

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