Stop the Presses! (I’ve always wanted to yell that lol) “Fireflies” is a Finalist!

News flash!


I just received an e-mail from my publisher and friend, Kitty Bullard, that “Fireflies” is a FINALIST in TWO categories for the Readers’ Favorite Book Awards!

Fiction – Historical – Event/Era

David Cornish MD
Sheryn MacMunn
Finding Out
Pamela Atherstone
…Like Footprints in the Wind
Linell Jeppsen
Deadman’s Lament
J Bradley Van Tighem
The Way Back
C. E. Edmonson
Fall Down Seven
PS Bartlett
Adrienne LaCava
No One Can Know
S. Thomas Bailey
Forest Sentinels
J.P. Kenna
Beyond The Divide
Lucinda Brant
Noble Satyr
Prue Batten
Richard Sharp
Crystal Ships
Lorrie Farrelly
Terms of Surrender
Lucinda Brant
Dair Devil


Fiction – Paranormal

Deanna Kahler
Echoes of Paradise
Katie Jennings
So Fell the Sparrow
Margarita Gakis
Trial By Fire
Kourtney Heintz
The Six Train to Wisconsin
Angie Martin
Richard Wold
PS Bartlett
P. A. Minyard
Stella Atrium
Seven Beyond
Richard Arbib
The Vampire Girl Next Door
Eva Vanrell
The Butterfly Crest
Lorrie Farrelly
Zac McNabb
The winners will be announced on September 1st but I’m just thrilled that I made the finals! 🙂
Here’s the link to their review of “Fireflies.”

Wish me luck!

7 thoughts on “Stop the Presses! (I’ve always wanted to yell that lol) “Fireflies” is a Finalist!

  1. Wow !!! Congratulations Peggy!!! Now… I can’t wait to read Fireflies. By the way… I finished the review for Hope from the Ocean. I will send to you today the details. Congratulations again!!! 🙂

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