All Day Headache Equals Low Creativity

I rarely get headaches but when I do, they are beasts.
I woke up with this one and a kind coworker gave me an 800mg Motrin before lunch which kept it at bay for several hours. It’s back but not quite as horrible as it was this morning.
I think it was brought on by several things but mainly the low pressure, humid temps and impending rain. My lack of sleep over the weekend didn’t help either. That of course, I brought on myself. My ears are ringing too. I’d like to answer them with a hammer.

I did manage to complete an interview for the lovely Marcia Meara’s Bookin’ It blog.  You can look for it on August 20th but by all means, don’t wait for me. Hop on over and check her out!

One final thought for this evening is the gigantic sunflower in my yard. Back in April, my granddaughter and I planted a small garden next to my garage. I am no gardener I can tell you that but she loves flowers so I figured, why not pick the biggest flowers I know? We planted sunflower seeds and waited.

As I was driving home from work today, I wondered if the Jack and Beanstalk one had bloomed, since she is far and above the rest. Low and behold, she did! All ten feet or so of her finally opened her big eye. Granted, she looked a little sleepy because there hasn’t been much sun in the past few days but she sure enough winked!

I’m hoping her little sisters will catch up soon.

Yes, that mural is on the side of my garage. It was just too boring so two summers ago, I decided to give it a face lift. That’s just how I roll.

Giant Sunflower2 Giant Sunflower

I’m pretty sure I’m going to be very sad when she closes that big eye for the last time.


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