Stephen King, I write like him! A WIP of him!

I can honestly say that if your blog contains anything about Stephen King, I will read it and most likely reblog it. 🙂 This fit the bill perfectly and the energy on your blog is so loud and inviting anyway! Now I’m off to get analyzed.

My writing that is. 😉

M J Mallon YA Author and Poet

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Absolutely agree with Stephen King’s quote. Books have this amazing quality about them, they transport us into another world, a world in which anything is possible. Well with this in mind, let me tell you about a bit of fun I had yesterday,  I posted the first few lines of my novel in this website: I write Like.  My writing was analysed. I have to say I was astonished when the website matched me to Stephen King. One, I don’t write horror! There are scary bits in my book, and parts of it have frightened me. Though I am easily scared by my own writing.  I have too vivid an imagination not to be! This is a bit of a hazard. Two,  Stephen King is a legend, and I’m just well a bit of a work in progress, yes a WIP.

Anyway, I now have the I write like Stephen King badge, why not!…

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