5 Reasons to Bring an Author to your Classroom

Just wonderful!

Writing Life


Now that summer is in full swing, and we’ll inevitably be heading back to school soon, teachers start thinking about the many experiences and challenges they and their new students will face. One experience you may not have thought of is to bring a guest speaker into your classroom? Nowadays, students have to meet so many writing and reading standards, that bringing an author to the class doesn’t sound like a bad idea. But you’ve probably heard that it takes a lot of planning, it’s time consuming and so expensive. Well, sit back and RELAX. Bringing an author to your school is EASY and potentially FREE. But the most important factor to consider: An author visit could make your job EASIER. How? Check out these 5 ways kids (and teachers!) benefit from a guest author visit:

  1. Authors get kids excited about reading and writing. Kids’ facial expressions don’t lie…

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