PS Bartlett: Fireflies

Thank you so much for taking the time to read and review my book. I sincerely appreciate your wonderful review! I’d also like to let your readers in on some wonderful news! FIREFLIES is a finalist in two categories in the Readers’ Favorite Book Reviews and Awards contest! I’m very proud of this little book and I look forward to reading your thoughts on HOPE FROM THE OCEAN as well.
Thank you!!! 🙂


Right my lovelies there will be an erotic #sexmeupreadathon book up later however I’m currently on my lunch break at work and really fancied writing this review. As I read a lot of books that are sent to me it means that I don’t really get a choice as to the genre. Although I do mix and match books depending on what I last reviewed it sometimes means that I end up reading a book of a genre that I’m not particularly fancying at the time. However, due to me reading so many books that fit in the ‘erotica’ genre box, I could take a step back and review this lovely book! Once again thank you to the author, I cannot wait to read your second book after reading this one! Also, apologies for the random outburst of emotion last night, I’ve had enough of feeling sorry for myself so…

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