The Soft Pillow

Yay, Yay, Yay. In two days time, I am hosting my cover reveal here with a giveaway.

Guess what? Enter and win a $5 amazon amazing Kindle Gift Card.

Isn’t that amazing just for few simple tasks that we authors always ask you to do. 

Be it engaging readers or growing fan base targeting a specific criteria, swag and giveaways lighten up a iota of enthusiasm with the very words for some of us. That doesn’t imply we are greedy. It is just that we all love to get some stuff, something that reflects our favorite authors and coming from the author himself/herself is always a pleasure.

Don’t you agree with me? I am being fair too and since this is officially my first giveaway during my cover reveal, I am excited to the core and at the same time I feel I might have a nervous breakdown.

Please stay tuned…

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