Waking Up Thinking About Your Characters – Yes, It’s a Sign that You Miss Them

I know I miss mine – A LOT

When I woke up this morning, I was thinking about the Whelans.
I was thinking about Teagan and Eli and their evolved friendship.
I was thinking about Fagan and Mary and how they were getting on.
I was thinking about silly Patrick and the oh so serious and studious Brogan; has he written any more stories?
I was thinking about Connell and wondering how his career was progressing and if he’d stayed on his chosen path.
I wondered what Liffey was doing and if her dreams had finally come true.
Were Owen and Sarah still happy or were they struggling as they came to terms with the major changes in their lives?

Then I thought about Ennis.

Your Muse

It was then I decided to listen to them and also then when I knew I had to continue their story. Yes my friends, I’m going to write another book in the “Fireflies” series. It might be a ways off yet because my plate is overflowing at the moment but it’s coming. 🙂

At the moment, I’m working on “The Blue Diamond” with my new editor and having the time of my life. I need to focus the majority of my creativity and writing attention on Ivory and her story but rest assured, the Whelans hold such a big place in my heart that there is no way I can walk away from them – EVER.

Tonight, I’ll begin putting the outline together as to where life will take them.

No spoilers but I think there is so much life left to live for these characters. Besides, they won’t leave me alone. 😉

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