Sweaty Christmas! (Vietnam)

I LOVED this story! John’s experiences are so far beyond anything I could ever hope for. Enjoy!!!

John Lee Taggart

Vietnam ~ Halong Bay – 2013

I headed to Vietnam over the last Christmas holiday…which meant I was spending another Christmas away from my family and friends, which naturally sucks – but that’s not what this post is about…don’t get me wrong, obviously I love Santa and Jesus as much as the next guy…actually if only this was about them…at least I would have someone to blame.

Colbert GIF

Instead the blame lies with a catalog of errors and unfortunate situations – the first of which occurred on the festive date of the 25th of December; as my travel buddy was told, at the airport, that they wouldn’t be allowing him to fly, (YES. ON CHRISTMAS DAY, AT THE FUCKING AIRPORT – I ASSUME THE GRINCH WAS ON DUTY!), so consequently I would have to leave on my own…I suppose I was a little shell shocked at the whole episode as…

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