No Matter How Good Your Summer Was, It Could Never Top Baby Houseman’s

As summers go, this one was pretty nice.

I did manage an excellent vacation the first week of June in New Orleans, which kicked one item off my bucket list. I finished my third novel and it’s mere weeks away from your hot little hands. I spent lots of quality time with my granddaughters and even used the pool a few times.

However, since the year 1987, I’ve seen the movie “Dirty Dancing” about 100 hundred times. Every time I watch it, I imagine I’m Baby Houseman having the most amazing, awakening summer of my life and realize that no matter what I do, I won’t ever be able to top that movie.

Windows down, good book, not having to drive–talk about the start of great vacation. Even the annoying sister isn’t an issue.
dirty dancing animated GIF

Wait, what’s this? A cool kids party?
dirty dancing animated GIF
Wait what? Who me?
patrick swayze animated GIF

Ummm…I don’t know this dance. Uh, okay what the heck, I’ll give it a try being that you’re like, the hottest guy in the room and I just spent three hours in a car and I’m like, wait–what was I saying again?
animated animated GIF

Dance lessons for me? Whatever gave you that idea? Oh yeah…I guess you’re right. Hey, dance lessons are awesome. Rawr.
dirty dancing animated GIF

I think I’m having the time of my life. I think there’s more going on here than dance lessons. Best. Summer. Ever.
patrick swayze animated GIF

Yep. Definitely more than just dance lessons.
animated animated GIF
Not that I’m complaining…
patrick swayze animated GIF
I really did learn to dance…too.
patrick swayze animated GIF
And I hit that lift!
animated animated GIF
Yep. I’d say I’ve had a pretty great summer.
animated animated GIF
Way better than this poor guy.
animated animated GIF
Thank you Baby Houseman for giving me a summer I’ll never forget, even if I had to live it through you.
film animated GIF

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