Guest Post: Crowdfunding & Why It Should Be Important To You by Justine Schofield

For anyone who is on the fence about participating in a Pubslush campaign or who may have questions about why I am doing this, here is a wonderful article to explain.

The Newbie Author's Guide

I would like to welcome Justine Schofield from Pubslush to NAG today. She will talk about crowdfunding and how it will help authors. She will also share some info about Pubslush. Just for coming by where and reading, she has a special treat at the end. Enjoy! Have a question? Leave a comment! 

Crowdfunding presents a unique opportunity for those looking to raise funds in the current economic landscape. Whether you have a startup business idea, an innovative new product or a creative project, you can now rally the support of the crowd to gain funding and awareness. Through the reward-based crowdfunding model, project creators can offer supporters and early adopters exclusive benefits and incentives in exchange for their financial pledge. 

Not only does crowdfunding offer the go-getters of the world with an opportunity to fund their project outside of conventional funding options, it’s an industry that’s growing. Quickly.

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