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I need Help from My Author Friends – Has Anyone Heard of this Web Site?

I received a Google Alert this morning for my book FIREFLIES. When I looked at the alert, there was a link to a web site to download my book for FREE.




The link itself lead me to this:

Fireflies free


Any insight would be greatly appreciated. I have not authorized any web site to GIVE my books away.



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5 thoughts on “I need Help from My Author Friends – Has Anyone Heard of this Web Site?

  1. Definitely a pirating site. I would start researching how to report a site like that. I often wonder what would happen if I got a Google alert like that… :-\ I think I would try to find out what I could do to report them for piracy.

    1. Hi Leigh,
      I’ve been trying all day to find information on them and how to report them but have come up with nothing. 😦 That’s why I put this up so maybe someone would know who I can report this to.

  2. Sorry, I am not a published Author, but I would be furious! The only legitimate FREE download of books is Kindle, and I have bought some books from the, as well. What about your publisher? They may be able to help you. The FBI might be interested in this, it is theft.

    1. Yes, my publisher is looking into it and she’s going to report it. A fellow author posted a message to me on Facebook about it. I’m about to go check it now and see what she found! I hope it’s good news! Thank you for your concern. I really appreciate it.

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