I need Help from My Author Friends – Has Anyone Heard of this Web Site?

I received a Google Alert this morning for my book FIREFLIES. When I looked at the alert, there was a link to a web site to download my book for FREE.




The link itself lead me to this:

Fireflies free


Any insight would be greatly appreciated. I have not authorized any web site to GIVE my books away.

5 thoughts on “I need Help from My Author Friends – Has Anyone Heard of this Web Site?

  1. Definitely a pirating site. I would start researching how to report a site like that. I often wonder what would happen if I got a Google alert like that… :-\ I think I would try to find out what I could do to report them for piracy.

  2. Sorry, I am not a published Author, but I would be furious! The only legitimate FREE download of books is Kindle, and I have bought some books from the, as well. What about your publisher? They may be able to help you. The FBI might be interested in this, it is theft.

    • Yes, my publisher is looking into it and she’s going to report it. A fellow author posted a message to me on Facebook about it. I’m about to go check it now and see what she found! I hope it’s good news! Thank you for your concern. I really appreciate it.

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