GUEST POST BY AUTHOR P.S. BARTLETT; Check out her new historical fiction release!

Jax Jillian, Author

Almost exactly one year ago, I took part in the author’s tent at the Baltimore Book Festival where I got to meet a couple of talented and intriguing authors.  One of them I have remained in close contact with and we have always been willing to help out each other with book promotions as well as just general advice and picking each other’s brains.  That author is P.S. Bartlett and she is getting ready to release her brand new historical fiction novel, The Blue Diamond — The Razor’s Edge.  I didn’t even think twice about hosting her during her blog tour and am excited to do it.  Bartlett has also written two other novels: Fireflies and the prequel Hope From The Ocean.   Fireflies has just recently won the “Readers’ Favorite” Silver Medal in the paranormal fiction category.  Check out P.S. Bartlett’s guest post below and join her on her fantastic voyage!



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