#Blog Tour Stop With Author Leigh Michaels – Right or Wrong, I #Write for Me

In keeping with my theme of who we write for, I created this post specifically for Leigh’s blog.

Please hop on over and check it out and when you’re done, stay a bit and check out what she has to say as well!


Please welcome guest author P.S. Bartlett to my blog; I am thrilled to be a part of her blog tour to promote her newest work.  The Blue Diamond: The Razor’s Edge will be released in two days!  She is an excellent writer who spins a fascinating tale with believable and enjoyable characters.  Check out her work; you won’t be sorry!

Right or Wrong, I Write for Me

by P.S. Bartlett

I’ve been wondering lately about why writers choose to write in a particular genre and tell the kinds of stories they do.

I wonder this because for a long time, I’ve heard, as well as believed, that we write what we want to read and I hope that’s true for all of us. Speaking for myself, that is the absolute truth. However, that doesn’t mean I won’t write YA or contemporary romance or anything else for that matter at some point—if I live long enough. I definitely think it makes writing a whole lot easier when we’re writing about things we care about, dream of or enjoy.


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