Whenever I see Your Smiling Face

You are beautiful! I love seeing so many smiling faces too. 🙂

Tell Me About It

WheneverIseeyoursmilingface How could you not help but smile at this silly willy photo of my sweet Nephew Ezra! Here he’s looking like the Beeb!

Whenever I see Your Smiling Face

Just a few minutes ago I was working along and I opened up a mug shot from my favorite co-worker and instantly I started to smile. This person is so funny and always makes me laugh!

Which got me to thinking about how seeing Your photo makes me smile. I love Your photo showing up on my blog….when I see it I smile. I do! I just do…nobody looks like You do or makes me smile like You do.

The smile I have just for You is Yours we share that me and my smile Your photo!

Isn’t that just the coolest feeling?????

Hope Your day is going great! Also I thought of that song by James Taylor, Your smiling face.

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