Starshot Chronicles: Stormbringers Pt 1…

Brien O'Raighne

Stormbringers Logo


It is the dead of night. The largest moon, Shevnall, shines down on the road on the edge of Ohimna. Two hyperbikes can be heard in the distance. There is also the sounds of gunfire as well.

They near a bad section of town called The Skims. The Magistrate Superior of Ohimna, Jeremy Soothpiper, is chasing down a suspect. His hyperbike skids to a halt. He knows this area very well. He jumps off his hyperbike. He uses his powers to send his whip at a speeding hyperbike. The bike is hit. It crashes into a wall. The rider, a dwarf named Thom Rethdell, gets up and is woozy.

Thom grabs his head. He staggers off. Jeremy follows. He uses his whip once again.

The whip flies. It catches the dwarf’s short legs and trips him. Jeremy calmly walks over to the downed dwarf. Thom is trying to squirm…

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