Read a Book, Save a Life

Incredible story!

Rachel Carrera, Novelist

Today’s story did not happen to me.  In fact, I wasn’t even alive when it happened.  But it did happen to a woman I know, a friend of my sister’s actually.  And every time I hear this story, I get goosebumps.

Rita* was a little girl who loved to read.  She had four younger siblings and her dad worked out of town a lot, so when he was gone, Rita was expected to help her mom with the housework and the kids.

On this particular day, Rita’s library books were due and she told her mom she was going to return them after school.

Her mom scowled.  “Rita, Daddy’s gone and I need your help.  Whatever you do, do not stay at the library!  Just return the books and come straight home.”

Rita got out of school at 3:00.  Even stopping at the library, she should have been home by…

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