Kindle Unlimited Affects Sales Rank (even if not read to 10%)


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Do Kindle Unlimited downloads affect sales rank? Definitely.

Do customers need to reach 10% of the Kindle e-book in order for sales rank to be affected? No.

All Kindle Unlimited downloads affect Amazon sales rank, even if the book isn’t read to 10%.

How do I know? I have Kindle Unlimited and recently tried this out. I downloaded two books with sales ranks above 1,000,000; these books hadn’t sold in recent months (poor books).

Although I didn’t even open the books on my Kindle, the sales ranks jumped down to the low 100,000’s. (Don’t worry. I’ll read them now.)

However, the effect wasn’t immediate; it took several hours for this to happen. (This lengthy delay is why I have now gone in and revised the finding that I posted on this yesterday.)

Authors only receive royalties when the book is read to 10%.

Kindle Unlimited customers: If you…

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3 thoughts on “Kindle Unlimited Affects Sales Rank (even if not read to 10%)

      • Sept & Oct sales have gone done a lot when compared to earlier times. Nevertheless, It is the KU that’s playing a role. Perhaps, we should just let the KU be a add-on and keep our fingers crossed for the PU.

        Keep me posted.


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