The Rave Reviews Book Club #RRBC Has Me Like…

Get on down to the Rave Reviews Book Club tonight!
This could be YOU!!!

Don’t forget to tell them I sent you!

Hello Wonderful RRBC Member!!

Today’s #PUSHTUESDAY Lucky Winner is P.S. BARTLETT!! Her Twitter handle is @PSBartlett. She is the author of HOPE FROM THE OCEAN,

Please support her on Twitter, Facebook and any other social media forums you use. Be sure and pick up a copy of her book today as well! Let’s show the world that we can #PUSH our members and propel them to unimaginable heights!!

GOOD LUCK TO YOU as you could be the next #PUSHTUESDAY Winner! For more details on #PUSHTUESDAY, visit our online Newsletter or on the sidebar on any page of the Rave Reviews site.

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