How you see yourself …#Quote 192

J. Ricci Energy

How you see yourself

There’s so much truth to this adorable little quote/image! We DO create what we think of. If we think of ourselves as brilliant, loving, courageous, talented beings, that’s what we become. Each thought matters. Each word.

So how about it? Bring beauty into your life by choosing to see it, starting from within.

If not now, when?

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One thought on “How you see yourself …#Quote 192

  1. Well, said, and I love the picture. Anecdote: I grew up believing I was the dumbest, ugliest thing God ever made. There wer a number of causes for this self-image, but it stuck with me for most of my life. Even after I gave my heart to Jesus at age 23, I had a hard time believing I could ever accomplish anything, so I never really tried. It has been a up-hill battle, but now, at age 62 3/4, I know I can accomplish anything my Lord wants me to so I am becoming more persistent in my endeavors.

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