A Few Review Excerpts I Picked Out to Entice You Aboard

I’m not ashamed to admit I get all warm and fuzzy when I read a well written positive review. I kind of roll around in it like a dog in fresh cut grass.

Why not? We write because we have to. We publish and share because we hope our readers will love it and share their feelings. Sure, some people won’t enjoy what we write and they may even give us negative feedback but…

This post is all about keeping it positive today and sharing feedback that promotes joy and self confidence and yes, even makes me wish I had some fresh cut grass to roll around in. 😉

“I truly enjoy P.S. Barlett’s writing and it’s a guilty pleasure because once I get to reading, it’s difficult to put the book down. The characters are strong, and the scenes evoke visceral reactions. The humor is laugh out loud funny. Truly worth your time and money.”

“I loved this book from the first page. The characters, the story line, the excitement, the romance and the adventure kept me enticed until the end. I anxiously await Book 2.”

“Ms. Bartlett has dared to create a tale of adventure and intrigue on the sea, shining the spotlight on a remarkable group of women that prove being a pirate isn’t a boy’s only club! Each character, no matter how brief their appearance is fully developed, uniquely displayed and often comically charming. No heaving bosoms here, unless it’s to trap a man! Fun, with some high action, history comes to life with a swashbuckling flare! Grab your gold earring and come aboard for some great reading where men are men and women are smarter!”

“PS. Proceed with caution: the book is filled with lots of descriptive scenes, and smooth reading. Beautiful story to the last page.”

“I am a fan of historical fiction as well as of the author, P.S. Bartlett. The Blue Diamond is yet another success as she spins a thrilling tale of adventure and love. The characters and setting are developed in such a way that draws readers in and the quick pace and continual action left me with a need to read on. The Blue Diamond The Razor’s Edge is a well written satisfying read.”

“Bartlett left us wanting more at the end. I am hoping for a follow up to The Blue Diamond. She has created a world with a lot of possibilities for further adventure with various characters created.”

“This is a great story of love, loss, and redemption. It is not your ordinary bodice-ripper. Ivory Shepard is a strong, yet flawed, character whose greatest struggle is taking care of her beloved cousins while keeping her vulnerability in check. Female pirates such as these are a rarity in romantic fiction, and P.S. Bartlett deftly handles the feminine psyche while providing her characters with a core of steel will and determination. This is a fun and satisfying read for those looking for love, adventure, and great female characters.”

You can read the full reviews here:

Cover Five Stars

Thank you for reading. I’m off to go and get these grass stains out. Oh who am I kidding…I don’t ever want to wash these away.


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