Book Sales: What Happens When Blockbusters Flood The Market?

Tara Sparling writes

Back to business, ladies and gentlesirs.

Today I want to look at who in the blockbusting big leagues was publishing in 2014, and what the market looked like when they did.

I’ve been wading around in the book data again, my hand on my chin, occasionally contorting myself into an awkward (and poor) imitation of Rodin’s Thinker.

Book Sales: What Happens When Blockbusters Flood The Market? “Are book sales greater in June or July… or is it November… wait, is that a ten euro note?! Which reminds me, I must get toilet paper” Pic:

I’ve spent some time prodding numbers into spreadsheets, sorting them into tables, poking them a bit (but not so much that they lose their shape, because they don’t like that), throwing them into graphs and taking them back out again.

Again, the idea here is to look at Top Ten Fiction Bestsellers in the UK – according to Nielsen and the Sunday Times –

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