Best Photo Blog 2014 Winner! Thank YOU.

Visual Individual

Winnah! Winnah!

Wowzaaaa, thank you all so much. Last night this lil blog picked up an award for Best Photo Blog at the Maryland Outstanding Blog Awards (Mobbies) thanks to all of the times you guys voted! It’s nice to receive an award for a blog I dedicate a lot of time and effort to. It’s safe to say that after a little over two years this blog has become apart of my daily routine and has connected me with the communities of photography, journalism, social media and the local Baltimore blogger scene in so many ways.

My acceptance speech went something like this,

“Thank you all so much, I’ll write a more meaningful speech later when I’m safety behind my computer screen.” 

I loathe public speaking, especially when the spotlight is on me. I like talking to people but having a hundred pairs of eyes focused on me makes me a…

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