ONLY $2.99!!! Gobble this one up! When f

ONLY $2.99!!! Gobble this one up! When four spirited young women find themselves orphaned and alone in an unforgiving world, they are forced to defend not only their honor but their very lives. Ivory Shepard, has made a name for herself as the notorious pirate “Ivory Razor,” while she and her handy cousins; Cass, Keara and Miranda are building a life in Port Royal, Jamaica. When she takes a merchant ship and finds a bag full of rare diamonds, including one very large blue one…, she never imagined she’d end up captured and held prisoner by a rival pirate. Maddox Carbonale aka “Blacksnake” intends to collect a fifty thousand pound bounty on her head and earn a pardon in the process, until a fiery attraction ignites between them. Regardless of their first passionate night together, by the time the sun rises the next morning, Ivory is reminded why she trusts no one and she’s left wondering if her fate is sealed due to Blacksnake’s greed or Maddox’s wounded ego. Ultimately unable to deny his feelings for her, Maddox offers his loyalty and his guns. but no one can take anything from Ivory Shepard that she doesn’t want to give; certainly not her freedom, and most of all, her heart. Will she prove she can have it all on her own terms; the man, the blue diamond and her freedom? See More

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